The Structural Characteristics of Gate Valve in Pound Grade Power Station

1. High temperature and high pressure gate valve in pound grade power station uses the structure of advanced flow channel and equal diameter straight-through ,which greatly reduces the fluid resistance coefficient and energy loss, significantly improves the service life and performance of the valve.
2. The middle cavity of sanitary valve uses a sealing structure of pressure self-tightening, with good sealing performance. The two ends of the branch pipe are welded.
3. The gate plate and the sealing surface of the valve seat are welded using Stellite cobalt-based hard alloy, which is wear-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant and with good anti-scratch performance.
4. After undergoing the surface nitriding treatment, the valve stem of high temperature and high pressure gate valve in pound grade power station has good corrosion-resistance and scratch-resistance.
5. According to user requirements, the structure of the opening and closing member can be designed into various types, such as single plate, double plate, parallel double plate.
6. The opening and closing of the electric gate valve is controlled by electric device. The electric device is equipped with special motor, decelerator, torque control mechanism, on-site operation mechanism, manual and electric switching mechanism respectively. In addition to local operations, long-distance operation can also be performed.

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