Several Common Questions in the Sanitary Valve Operation

Why can’t the double sealing valve in sanitary valve be used as a cut-off valve?

The advantage of the double sealing valve core is the force balance structure, which allows for large pressure difference, and its prominent defect is that the two sealing surfaces cannot be in good contact at the same time, so it is easy to cause leakage. If it is artificially or compulsively used to cut off the site, there is no doubt it will not have a good effect, even if many improvements have been made to it (such as the double sealing sleeve valve), it is not desirable.

double sealing sleeve valve

Why is the cut-off pressure difference of angular travel valves in sanitary valves larger?

The cut-off pressure difference of angular travel valve is large, it is because that the resultant force of medium on the spool or valve plate produces little torque to the rotating shaft.

Why is the sanitary valve in straight stroke regulating valve stem small?

It involves a simple mechanical principle, that is, the friction when sliding is high, while the friction when rolling is low. Straight stroke valve stem to do up and down movement, as long as the packing a little pressure it will be very tightly packed stem, resulting in a large return difference. For this reason, the stem is designed very small, and the packing is often used with a low friction coefficient of tetrafluoride packing, so as to reduce the return difference. But the problem is that the stem is thin, so it bends easily and the packing life is short. The best way to deal with this problem is to use the travel valve stem, which is the angular travel type of regulating valve. Its stem is 2~3 times thicker than the straight stroke stem, and it chooses the graphite packing with long life. Therefore, the valve stem has good stiffness and long packing life, and the friction torque and the return difference is small.

Sanitary Valve Operation

Why is the service life of the liner butterfly valve and the liner fluorine barrier valve used to transport desalinated water medium short?

The desalination water medium contains the low concentration of acid or alkali, which is more corrosive to rubber. The corrosion of sanitary valve rubber is shown as shrinkage, aging, and low strength, while the application effect of the butterfly valve and isolation valve with rubber lining is poor, the essence of which is that the rubber is not resistant to corrosion. Later, the lining rubber gap valve was improved to be a good corrosion-resistant lining fluorine gap valve, but the membrane of the lining fluorine gap valve could not stand up and down folding and was broken, which results in mechanical damage and shorten valve life. Today, the best way is to use water to dispose of special ball valves, which can be used for five to eight years.

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