Necessity: the Mother of Invention

The valve is generally used to control the flow of certain substances. Everyone knows that it is used to change the state of the fluid flow from beginning to end or vice versa. Apart from the basic feature of a valve, it is also capable of performing many other productive activities to help achieve greater efficiency in any industry.

If you remember an old adage that necessity is the mother of invention, then you can better understand the situation. With the increasing demand for different types of valves for various industries, the invention and construction of these valves were started quickly to suit the requirement. The unique characteristics of the operation of these valves make them expensive and demanding in the competitive market. These valves not only solve your purpose but also make the system easier to operate in a more efficient and effective way over time. Working in industries becomes more practical in modern times with the advancement of technology. The different objectives require valves with different characteristics.

To determine a particular and appropriate type of valve to meet your demand, you need to analyze certain factors. The nature and physical conditions of the flow often determine the type of valve you need such as High or low pressure, high or low temperature, corrosive or erosive properties of the flow, hygiene factor, etc. There are also different types of valves used to manage the flow of liquid, gas or solid differently because these three substances have a different nature to treat.

The bypass valve refers to any valve installed in a bypass line, which cannot be used to indicate a particular valve shape or configuration. Emergency lines are available in many industries for use in the event of a failure of the main piping system or system failure. The primary role of the bypass piping for use is to serve as a backup line during equipment replacement to allow the fluid to continue to flow. It is therefore essential that the bypass line has some fluid control capability. Sanitary valves are a suitable type of valve in such cases.

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