The Introduction of Double Door Bottom Valve

The upper valve body is connected with the suction pipe of the fuel oil tanker. When the fuel tanker motor is started, negative pressure is formed in the suction pipe, which causes the pressure on the lower valve body to be higher than the pressure on the upper valve body. Under the effect of the upper and lower pressure difference, valve flap is lifted, and oil can enter the suction pipe of the tanker. When the motor stops working, the negative pressure in the cavity of the upper valve body disappears. And as the static pressure of the oil channel becomes positive pressure, under the effect of forward pressure, the valve flap automatically closes, and the oil drop will not fall. As this type of sanitary check valve uses two sets of same valve body and valve flap, the performance of the check valve is more reliable.

Precautions to take when installing and using it:
1. When assembling, we should remove the plastic protective cover on the valve flap, do the cleaning, tighten all parts and install a filter to avoid inhalation of dirty substance.
2. The valve body and valve flap sealing have been through precision grinding, so when assembling, do not switch parts, do not switch with other bottom valves to avoid reducing the checking performance. Once it’s been mixed, we can use color inspection ink to check. It should be overlapped with original grinding marks.

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