Problems in the Processing Sanitary Valves

In the processing sanitary valves, the problems are:
First, in the handling or processing of the bumps, hammers and other human factors caused by scratches, the problems are very serious, making the process in the future increased the difficulty of dealing with the appearance, which is the main reason why the valve will be disposed of the rust.

Second, in the welding time, because the weld defects are more serious, so the regular use of hand-held machinery for grinding, the grinding will appear uneven surface, affecting the appearance of the valve, or weld the acid Wash passivation, will also affect the appearance of the beautiful.
Third, the scratches and other problems arose during processing, even if all the pickling passivation can not be scratched all erase, but also can not be scratched or welding spatter and adhesion to the surface of the carbon steel or splash Impurities removed, resulting in the presence of corrosive media, the last valve to rust the situation.

Fourth, pickling passivation paste for sanitary valve cleaning is not omnipotent, especially for plasma incision or flame cut the resulting oxide is particularly difficult to remove.

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