How to Ensure Stability Performance of Sanitary Valves

Sanitary valves are generally made of 304SS or 316 stainless steel, the production process has been completed after the special treatment, many ways can not be compared to industrial valves, they are featured by cleanliness, simple installation, etc., sanitary valves is specifically important for food, medicine and other industries.

Industrial valves are generally based on the use and the need of the developing models, they worked mainly in the high temperature and pressure of the working environment, it operated under the long life and flexible mode, the appearance and internal of sanitary valves are not beautiful, but they are useful in many places.

The closed-type combination of valve seat and sanitary ball valve mainly solved the problems of short service life and bad sealing performance of the existing sanitary ball valve. The product seat and the valve body is provided with a groove, the groove is provided with elastic components, the elastic member and the end of the groove are in contact with the bottom.

The end face of the valve seat is in contact with each other, and there is a gap between the valve seat and the valve body that allows the valve seat to move within a certain range. Since the ball valve is provided with an elastic member, the elastic member acts as a buffer to reduce the friction between the valve seat and the ball body, and the elasticity of the elastic member itself does not affect the sealing performance between the valve seat and the sphere. Good sealing performance and can reduce the degree of wear and tear, effectively extending the product life.

Sanitary ball valve includes the ball valve left seal, the right sealing surface in addition to leaving the stem hole, a spherical sphere surrounded by a cavity, spherical cavity radius is equal to the radius of the sphere. As the ball valve sealing surface is completely wrapped, so in the closed state, there is no ball media in the gap or space, the medium will be sealed until the next open; In addition, cleaning only need to access the ball in the water and a few opened and closed, you can clean the valve residue, it is very convenient, it is suitable for high-level health requirements of the occasion or industry use.

The adjustment and calibration of the sanitary valves:
1, In the gas test bed, adjusting the load imposed on the valve to correct the health of the valve opening pressure. Lever-type sanitary valve need to be adjusted by the hammer, spring-style sanitary valve need to be adjusted the amount of spring compression. Sanitary valve opening pressure should be consistent with the boiler, pressure vessel safety and technical supervision of the relevant regulations.
2, In the container, by adjusting the sanitary valve adjustment valve ring and valve clearance, to adjust the sanitary valve discharge pressure and back seat pressure. If the sanitary valve in the open pressure only leak but not take-off, but although the pressure drop after a violent shake and “beep” sound, the gap is too large, it should be adjusted smaller. If the back seat pressure is too low, it is the gap adjustment ring is too small, should be properly adjusted. Steam sanitary valve discharge pressure should be less than or equal to 1.03 times the opening pressure, opening and closing pressure should not exceed the opening pressure of 10%. Air or other gases with sanitary valves, the discharge pressure should be less than or equal to 1.10 times the opening pressure, opening and closing pressure is not greater than 15% of the opening pressure.
3, Sanitary valve calibration and pressure adjustment, there must be the use of the unit in charge of the boiler and pressure vessel safety technical personnel presence, adjustment and calibration device with the accuracy of the pressure gauge should not be less than 1, online adjustment should There are security measures.
4, The calibration process, the calibration staff should be a timely record. Checking the qualified sanitary valves, installation of the relevant accessories should be sealed after the device to prevent the change has been adjusted to a good state.


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