How to Use Sanitary Manual Butterfly Valve

Hygienic manual butterfly valve was installed in the pipe diameter direction and used the central part of the circular disc for opening and closing parts of manual fly valve stem, to close and adjust the fluid channel of a sanitary stainless steel manual quick butterfly valve. When switching the valve flaps to ninety degrees, the sanitary valve is in full-open state, we can directly see the shape of the butterfly valve and can also easily understand the working principle.

Characteristics of Butterfly Valves:
1, Welding with the pipe directly assembly, the user does not need the flange pipe to save costs;
2, Using high-quality alloy steel welding, the advantages are small size, light weight, surface quality, cleanliness, small flow resistance;
3, Using multi-level design principles, sealing and used soft and hard metal laminated composition. They are featured with high temperature, corrosion resistance Yong, long life and other characteristics.

How to use butterfly valves?
Sanitary butterfly valves are widely used in power plant heating system and can cut off or adjust the flow effect in the main fan pipe system, steel, metallurgy, chemical and other industrial pipes.

Solution to aging failure of sealing surface:
First, there are other impurities for the butterfly valve with long use time.
Second, it takes a long time to open and close the sanitary butterfly valves, it is difficult to tight the sanitary valves.

How to maintain the valves?
The first step is to choose a good material is very important, there is a regular cleaning process, do not let the accumulation of impurities for too long time, it is more difficult to clean up.

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