What is the Function of Sanitary Butterfly Valve?

Application and working principle of the sanitary butterfly valve

The hygienic butterfly valve is a kind of valve with closed parts (disc or butterfly plate) as a disc. It plays an important role in blocking and saving in the pipeline. The butterfly valve opening and the closing piece is a disc-shaped butterfly plate, which rotates around its own axis in the valve body to achieve the goal of opening and closing or regulating.

The rotated angle of the sanitary butterfly valve is usually less than 90 degrees, butterfly valve and butterfly rod do not have self-locking ability, in order to locate the butterfly plate, we usually install worm gear reducer on the stem. The adoption of worm gear reducer can not only make the butterfly plate have self-locking ability, make the butterfly plate stop an arbitrary position, but also improve the valve operation performance. Sanitary pneumatic butterfly valves are characterized by high-temperature resistance, high practical pressure range, large nominal size of the valve, the valve body is made of carbon steel, the valve plate sealing ring to accept metal ring instead of the rubber ring. Large and high-temperature butterfly valves are manufactured by welding steel plates, and are mainly used for smoke channels and gas pipes in high-temperature media.

The butterfly plate is mobilized by the valve stem, and if it turns 90 degrees, it can complete the opening and closing. Changing the deflection angle of the butterfly plate can control the flow of the medium.

Utilization of working conditions and media: actuated butterfly valves are used in generating furnace, natural gas, liquefied coal and gas, urban gas, cold and hot atmosphere, chemical smelting and power generation environmental protection, construction of water supply and drainage systems, to regulate and cut off media activities.

Any machine must be protected and repaired to check whether the machine is working properly, so as to ensure the safety of everyone’s lives and avoid the occurrence of incidents, so the protection and repair of the machine are essential.

If you do not pay attention to the usual day will form an incident, so the butterfly valve hydraulic drive equipment protection is essential for everyday life.

butterfly valve hydraulic equipment

The main aspects of maintenance are:

1. After the butterfly valve hydraulic equipment is completed, to add the oil to the equipment according to the instructions is necessary. The new product can be filtered into the tank after filtration.

2, at the beginning of the operation, should we admit that the rolling direction of the motor is not accurate?

3. After the initial operation, the accumulator pressure to use nitrogen, must not use oxygen, so it is easy to explode.

4. Should often check whether the various parts of the machine are normal or damaged if not, we should replace in time to avoid an accident.

5. If any abnormal phenomena such as illumination and oil leakage occur, check them in time and repair them if problems are found.

actuated butterfly valves

When defects occur, it is necessary to repair them in time:

1, when the hydraulic butterfly valve drive equipment is defective, it should be found that the repair personnel can find the defects in time and repair.

2. When replacing the parts in the equipment, the oil in the accumulator should be removed first to avoid the accident.

3. When replacing electrical components, the power supply should be closed in time to avoid electric shock.

4, when repairing, it is necessary to check whether the strength and hardness of screws reach the requirements of the factory.

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