An Overview on Sanitary Regulating Valve

The sanitary regulating valve is used to control the flow, pressure and level of the medium. According to the position signal, control valve opening, so as to achieve the medium flow, pressure and level adjustment.
Flow capacity Cv is one of the main parameters of the control valve, flow control valve is defined as: When the valve is fully opened, the valve at both ends of the pressure is 0.1MPa, the fluid density is 1g / cm3. The number of flow control valve, known as the flow capacity, flow coefficient, the unit is t / h, the liquid Cv value calculated by the following formula.

According to the size of circulation capacity Cv value look-up table, you can determine the nominal diameter of the valve DN. Flow characteristic of the control valve is the pressure of the valve at both ends to maintain a constant condition.

The three characteristics are as follows:
(1) Equal percentage characteristics (logarithm) of relative stroke and relative flow is not a linear relationship, at every point in the stroke unit stroke changes caused by changes in flow and this point of the flow is proportional to the percentage change in flow is equal. So it has the advantage of traffic hours, traffic changes in small, large flow, the flow changes, which is different in the opening, with the same adjustment accuracy.

(2) Linear characteristics of the relative travel and relative flow into a linear relationship. The change in flow per unit stroke is constant. When the flow rate is large, the relative change of the flow rate is small and the flow rate is small.

(3) Parabolic characteristics of flow changed according to the two sides of the trip proportional , generally with linear and equal percentage characteristics of the middle characteristics. From the above three characteristics of the analysis, we can seen on the regulation of speaking, it featured by regulation and stability, regulation performance. And parabolic characteristics than the linear characteristics of the regulatory performance is good, according to the requirements of different occasions, the selection of any one of the flow characteristics.

Product Information: ⑴ control valve product model and name ⑵ nominal diameter DN ⑶ regulator rated flow coefficient KV ⑷ nominal pressure and pressure differential valve ⑸ valve body and valve components of the material ⑹ flow control valve control valve ⑺ Applicable temperature ⑻ control valve supply voltage and control signal ⑼ control valve with accessories.

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