Extended Pole Full Welded Sanitary Ball Valve Structural Features

  1. An extended pole full welded sanitary ball valve has advanced valve seat: years of ball valve manufacturing experience makes the design of valve seat with friction coefficient and low operating torque. A wide range of valve seat materials make it suitable for a wide range of applications.
  2. It has a stem fly-proof structure: a step is set in the lower part of the stem to prevent the valve stem fly out from the valve body.
  3. It has anti-static function: anti-static spring can be set between ball and valve body or stem to derive the static electricity generated by the switching action.
  4. It has advanced fire-resistant design: Each leak portion is designed as a flexible graphite packing or stainless steel with graphite, to meet the fire resistance requirements.
  5. Its handle is a flat head stem. Its connection to the handle is not misaligned, thus ensuring that the handle indication switch state is in line with the valve. To prevent the valve switch from malfunctioning, a locking hole is provided at the fully open or fully closed position of the switch to ensure that the valve is in the correct position.
  6. It adopts the most advanced support plate structure at home and abroad. This increases the service life of the valve, reduces the operating torque of the valve and greatly extends the service life of the valve.

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