The finest Technique of Food Preparation

Since ancient times the act of preparing food has been considered the most sacred activity. In the olden days, the women of the house take the responsibility of cooking food for all the members of the family. She handles the activity with care and diligence and of course love. The person who does the activity should be patient enough as the activity should be peaceful, unhurried and happy. It is also believed that the energy that flows into that cooked food impacts the energy of the receiver of the same.

That is the reason why the advanced spiritual teachers of the East never prefer their food to be prepared by anyone else, then a spiritually advanced person. They feel an active charge of purity, happiness, and peace by having the food.

food preparation

Some people also believe that to be healthy and fit, we have to prepare our own foodstuff, for ourselves and for our families. If you do not have much time to spend cooking, you can manage it in less time also with wisdom and love, but it is the only approach to get nourishing foods into your children and other family members.

Industrial and processed food is not safe and healthy. It consists of lots of harmful bacteria and even toxins. For example, the food industry is adding MSG in large quantities to improve the flavor of the food. Even it is found that in the 1950s, it was added to the baby food. When tested in 1957 it is found that mice became blind and obese, while MSG was administered in them by feeding tube. Moreover, MSG is a neurotoxic substance which causes a wide range of serious injury to humans, starting from temporary headaches to everlasting brain damage. It may cause some severe health hazard like multiple sclerosis, cancer and other viral diseases of the nervous system. Unfortunately, you will be surprised to know that ninety-five percent of processed foods contain the dangerous toxin MSG.

So it is better to spend some time in the kitchen and prepare your own food. Cooking is a uniquely human activity. Do whatever you need to do. Soak, chop, cook, grind, ferment, but avoid industrial food. Regrettably, the industrial food of today’s era has substituted the traditional food processing method which in fact declines the quality of the food, instead of then making it more digestible and nutritious, so it is necessary to use sanitary valves such as cavity filled ball valve.

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