Features of Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valves

Features of Three-Way Sanitary Ball Valves

1. All the exits of a three-way sanitary ball valve can be used as entrances without leakage. L-shaped or T-shaped channel can be either made according to the conditions. It makes installation more convenient.

2. Inspections and maintenance can be achieved without removing the entire valve body after the relief of system pressure.

3. Three-way sanitary ball valves are divided into L-shaped and T-shaped. The L-type is suitable for the flow of media conversion which connects two perpendicular channels; T-type fits for media diversion, confluence or flow switching.

4. Two-seat sealed three-way sanitary ball valves have the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance and good sealing performance. It can switch the flow direction of the pipeline media, and can also make the two perpendicular channels interflow or close.

5. Four-seat sealed three-way sanitary ball valves are handsome in appearance and reasonable in structure. Not only can it switch the flow of media, but also enable the three channels to interflow with each other. Meanwhile, it can also close any channel to connect the other two channels and flexibly control the merging or diversion of media in the pipeline.

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