The Storage Method of Electric Butterfly Valve

1. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated room. It should not be stored in open air. The sealing ring should not be in contact with oily substances to avoid aging.
2. Storage and transportation:
Use cover at both ends of the diameter to fend off dust and rust and to keep the channel clean. Dirt should be removed from the processing surface at both ends of electric sanitary butterfly valve. And rust inhibitor should be coated on it.
3. For electric butterfly valve that has a storage period of over 18 months, testing should be conducted before installation and use in order to ensure the integrity of the structure and function.
4. When placing electric butterfly valve, make sure the electric device is not pressed and the terminal is free from damage and contact with corrosive substances is prevented. Be careful when handling to avoid damage to electrical and mechanical parts.

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