Butterfly Valve VS Diaphragm Valve

What is a butterfly valve? What about the structure?
The butterfly board has an opening and closing pieces, rotating around the fixed axis valve for the butterfly valve. Butterfly valve has a variety of butterfly plate structure. The butterfly plate structure is direct with the stem rotation for opening and closing movement, but also through the lever mechanism to make butterfly plate for opening and closing movement.

The butterfly valve is a large diameter valve. The butterfly valve is used not only in the gas, chemical engineering, and other general industry, but also used in thermal power plant cooling water system.

Sanitary butterfly valve is characterized by simple structure, small size, lightweight, saving materials, installation space is small, and the driving torque is small, simple and rapid.

What is a diaphragm valve? What about the structure?
The sanitary diaphragm valve has the opening and closing pieces, driven by the stem axis along the stem movements and movement will be separated from the valve and the media can be called diaphragm.

Diaphragm valve has rubber, plastic, ceramic and other corrosion-resistant lining material, the diaphragm has the advantage of simple structure, ease of maintenance, flow resistance, and more for the transport of acid media and industrial pipe with suspended solids.

According to connection classification, diaphragm valve can be divided into: thread diaphragm valve, flange diaphragm valve, welding sanitary diaphragm valve, the folder clip, clamp diaphragm valve, diaphragm valve sleeve.

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