Fouled Surprises of The Food Processing Industries

Food processing includes activities like chopping, soaking, cooking and fermenting food as well as grinding and drying. In the traditional course of Food processing, two basic functions were there to make the food digestible as well as to preserve it for future use. Hard sausage, pemmican, meat puddings and haggis, the grain products, pickles, dairy products, and the products made of wine and spirits are considered as the nutritious, long-term processed foods. In olden days people processed the raw ingredients into luscious foods which retained their dietary content over a long period of time without getting spoiled.

Regrettably, our advanced modern era has replaced the local artisanal processing with the complex industrial standard of processing, which in fact reduce the nutritional value of the food.

milk food processing

However, the unhealthy technique used by the industry standard to process and preserve the food includes adding synthetic food additives and vitamins as well as the dirty process of extrusion of cereal. This sophisticated food processing skill typically depends upon the use of white flour, sugar, processed and hydrogenated oils which may cause a hazard to human health.

Take the example of milk. We all know it is the most perfect food on the earth as it comes from the sacred animal, the cow. But today, due to financial greed, the industrial structure gives them wrong feed like bakery waste, soy, and citrus peel cake, which the cows are not designed to eat. The inappropriate feed and drugs make the cows sick. However, the industry is only concerned to increase milk production by any means. As a result, cows produce large quantities of watery milk with merely half the amount of fat as compared to the milk produced by the grass eater cows. Stainless steel check valves help food and beverage processors meet this challenge by assisting them in “maintaining production integrity and standards and increasing time efficiency of a number of operations and processes.

Similarly, orange juice you will be surprised to know that the predictable orange crop is sprayed heavily with the pesticides such as cholinesterase inhibitors, a deadly toxic to the human nervous system. Moreover, while making juice they put the whole orange with peel into the vats to squeeze them and try to extract the maximum juice possible. Thus, commercial orange juice is toxic drinks. This is definitely one of the most important causes of greater rates of dementia.

Similarly, the commercial soups are based on sauces that contain nothing than artificial flavors. These are the distorted short cuts which can cause serious disaster for society.

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