Anything You Should Know about Electric Ball Valve

The correct installation method for electric ball valve

To use the electric ball valve correctly, first, we should learn to install it correctly, so how to install the electric ball valve correctly device, here is a look at the specific related instructions.

valve installation

Before installing the electric ball valve, read the instructions first.

Electric ball valve and installation before and during the installation of safety precautions and precautions, please refer to the instructions; to confirm the pipeline is clean: foreign objects in the pipeline may damage the sealing exterior of the valve, or even due to the movement of the spool, ball or butterfly plate and the valve can not be closed properly.

To reduce the possibility of dangerous situations, all piping needs to be cleaned and the valve installed.
Electric ball valves are used to remove pipeline dirt, metal fragments, weld slag, and other impurities.

Also, inspect the piping flanges to ensure that the surfaces are lubricated with gaskets. If the electric ball valve has a threaded connection end, apply a premium line sealant to the male threads of the line.

Do not apply a sealant to the negative threads, as the remaining sealant on the negative threads will be forced into the valve. The residual sealant will form a spool jam or scale buildup, which will prevent the valve from closing properly.

Electric Ball Valves VS. Pneumatic Ball Valves

The differences between pneumatic and electric ball valves are as follows.

I. Electric valves use electric motors for power, and pneumatic valves use compressed air for power.

(1) Electric ball valve advantages.

Good effect on liquid media and large pipe diameter gas, not affected by the climate. Not affected by the pressure of air pressure gas. Disadvantages: high cost, bad in the wet environment.

(2) Pneumatic ball valve advantages.

Good for gas medium and small diameter liquid, low cost, easy maintenance. Disadvantages: affected by fluctuations in the pressure of the air pressure gas, in the northern winter easily affected by the air pressure gas containing water, resulting in the transmission part of the freezing, non-action.

II. General pneumatic to be faster than electric, electric are dual-use hand and electricity. And pneumatic to hand, gas dual-use price is relatively high.

III.  Electric valves are used in some large-diameter places because pneumatic is difficult to do but the stability of electric valves is not as stable as pneumatic slow switching speed actuators for a long time will be stuck teeth phenomenon pneumatic valve switching speed fast high precision but need a stable gas source.

IV. Electric valves move slowly and not many brands of electric valves can be explosion-proof
Pneumatic valves move quickly, explosion-proof Relatively speaking, the price is lower than electric (key pneumatic valves with what accessories, with large brand accessories, will be more expensive than electric valves).

Interlocking valves also use electricity, why?

(1) according to the local weather climate, if the climate is humid pneumatic valve can not be used, because the gas source with water.

(2) Electric valves can also achieve the interlocking function will not increase the cost, pneumatic interlocking will increase the number of valves, increasing costs.

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