Why Flexible Packaging Is Hitting Hard

Food processing industries are improving their packaging for their products by upgrading the existing packaging and coming up with better ones. Such demand for such packaging that is not only on-the-go convenience but also serves well in the home setting making it very flexible. The structural design is what endears consumers to such products which make manufactures to find innovative ways to come up with the most superior eye-catching packaging.

A recent package development outfit at Hillshire Brands Co. in Chicago has come up with a microwave-friendly packaging for frozen sandwiches. The Heat Fresh Pouch as it is aptly named won a gold award for technical innovation in the 2014 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards.

The pouch is beneficial to the consumer is a better tasting and evenly heated sandwich with more convenient packaging. Jeff Czarny, director of packaging R&D at Hillshire Brands says that the packaging is moisture-balancing that is self-venting and absorbent due to a nonwoven film component.

He also adds that compared to a standard plastic pouch that ends up making your bread soggy in the bottom and hard on the top, the new packaging balances everything with your sandwich remaining intact.

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How is This Possible?
The package allows the sandwich to heat evenly regardless of the ingredients by venting steam that is in excess and absorbing any extra vapor. The Heat Fresh Pouch achieves this because the product formulation was observed compared to how it interacts with the package to come up with such a superior packaging.

This packaging drives the steam to every ingredient in the sandwich to ensure they are all heat up nicely and evenly to avoid overheating some while others are cold. This enables consumers to have an evenly heated sandwich as the pouch is microwave friendly and balances the heating part which is also faster and simpler making this an ideal solution.

With old packaging, you have to remove the sandwich, wrapping it in a paper towel before microwaving it then flipping it and repeating the process with specific settings to avoid a soggy mess.

With the new packaging, you skip removing the sandwich and wrapping it in paper towel part. The microwave settings aren’t as stringent either, all you need is 80-90 seconds which is less time compared to the close to 3 minutes needed for the standard packaging.

With such strong advantages being touted, it is no wonder that flexible packaging is on the rise for both solid foods and beverages.  When it comes to food processing, one of the most commonly used valves on the market to use is a 3 way ball valve.

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